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Miguel Tejada–Spanked Too Hard for his Juice?

Royals infielder Miguel Tejada has been caught taking naughty pills and suspended for 105, count ’em, games. Yet, many people calling in to radio talk shows and writing about baseball have been full of praise for him. (He’s been quite the … Continue reading

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What To Do With The Biogenesis Fourteen

The slow, sad car wreck that is Major League Baseball dealing with PEDs continues to skid across diamonds throughout the land. (And Canada.) Ryan Braun accepted a 65 game ban recently and today it was announced that Nelson Cruz (Rangers), Jhonny Peralta … Continue reading

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Why Alfonso Soriano Should Become a Yankee Again

This was a hot topic a few weeks ago, but cooled and seems to have been forgotten. But with Mark Teixeira’s injury, it’s clear that the Yankees should buy Soriano’s contract from the Cubs. Right now. Tonight. Why? They’re hurtin’ … Continue reading

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