The 2016 season is still very young. Yet KC fans have got to be happy. Very happy. The Royals have now completed two series and sit alone atop the division at 4-1. Sure they just wrapped up a three game sweep of the hapless Twins but a win is a win is a win. Every game you win in April, you don’t have to win in September.

But I think the point Royals fans should be most happy about is how similar this team looks to last year’s World Championship squad. Now, on one hand that seems like a rather stupid thing to say, since it is almost exactly the same team, give or take a starting pitcher or two. But my point is that you never know how guys are going to play after a couple of months off. They are all a year older. And life happens. So it is great to see that they look as fast, skilled and aggressive as in 2015.

One hears baseball announcers talk about weapons, and I think that it is an apt term. The Royals, once again, are not a one trick pony. They have no stat superstar to lean on, but a bevy of men that can and do get the job done. They have, as it were, many weapons. Whether it’s the defense, from Hosmer, to Moose, to Cain, to Gordon, to Perez, to Escobar, with their good gloves, good arms and good baseball intelligence or the offense, with the same cast of characters along with Morales, and Colon, and Infante, and Gore For The Score, or the pitching. And in the game just ended, I noted the contribution of another weapon–the smart and supportive home field fan base in Kansas City. Case in point: a couple of dudes along the right field side just past the KC dugout. Late in the game, with enemy runners on base, a Twin batter lifted a shallow pop foul to right. Hosmer drifted over, glanced once at the tarp, then returned his focus to the ball, Colon close behind. Hos leaned over the tarp, almost on top of the short wall separating the stands from the field, and made the play. The dudes, instead of losing their cool and scrambling for a souvenir, leaned back and out of the way, giving Hos plenty of room. (One dunce was trying to get the ball, but he was (thankfully) too far away.) These unknown fans, paying customers, should be credited with an assist.

Anyway, the Long March has started here in April. And Kansas City looks well stocked with weapons for the haul.

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Raised in Chicagoland, Bill has lived in Kansas City for almost 30 years.
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