For KC, These Are The Good Old Days

If you look back into ancient history, say a year or so ago, we fans of the Royals were happy. The team didn’t suck, wasn’t going to lose 100 games and had several genuinely likeable players who also happened to be pretty good at baseball.

Now, our Boys in Blue are the defending American League champions, have the best record in the American League, and we are as fretful as could be. Wade Davis and Greg Holland, closers supreme (and yes I consider Davis a closer. He slams the door after Morales or Herrera has shoved the opponents out, then Holland nails it shut), have been roughed up a couple of times and people are in something of a panic. This is completely foolish. These are the good old times we will look back on.

Lets look at the stumbles of HDH. They are to be expected. Those guys were pitching such perfect games, for such a long period of time that even one with the most rudimentary grasp of statistics would have to realize that sooner or later, there was going to be some sort of regression back to normalcy. Perfection is not normal. They were going to get hit. They have. The bubble has burst and KC is still in first. So exhale. Relax.

Alex Gordon went down with his groin issue. Oh dear. It almost calls forth a yawn. I mean, honestly. We have Jarrod “That’s What Speed Do” Dyson, who has more than earned a chance to play every day. And Alex Rios shouldn’t be nearly as bad as his stats so look for one of the statistical corrections mentioned above. And Paulo Orlando has certainly been serviceable. While I still miss My Man Aoki, the team did itself proud by grabbing Ben Zobrist. And Kansas City is, here in the last half of August, 12 games above second place Minnesota with, as I said, the best record in the American League.

Pitching? Well, I thought getting Edinson Volquez was a bad move. I was wrong. I thought getting Johnny Cueto wasn’t a good move, not because he was bad but because the Royals would only have him for, what, eight starts? Ten? And at too high a price, conscripting 22-year-old Brandon “Win Again With” Finnegan lost to the salt mines, aka Cincinnati’s AAA team in Louisville. But he’s been pretty good. And did I mention that the Royals are in first place? In the American League? With the best record?

So these are the good old days. What team scares you? Houston? Nah. The Angels? Nope. Toronto? Maybe. NY? Maybe sorta but not really. The Royals are rolling and we all should just hang our heads out the window, laugh and enjoy the ride. Because we will all of a sudden be waving Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas goodbye as they head for the Dodgers or the Mariners or the Yankees. And be looking back fondly at these good old days.

About Bill Grotts

Raised in Chicagoland, Bill has lived in Kansas City for almost 30 years.
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