Ned Yost (Manager of the Royals) Expects Nothing Of His Pitchers

What a provocative title! How can I say such a thing? Easy.

Let me cut and paste from

Jake Odorizzi will be taking the mound in the final game of the Cleveland game tomorrow to wrap up the nine-game homestand. Many Royals fans are excited for his debut. Yost said, “I am excited, but I don’t want to get this thing all hyped up. It is his first Major League start and we are excited to see him, but we are not expecting anything out of him. We want him to just go out and get it over with. The first Major League start, there is a lifetime built up to get to that point. What I want him to do is to go out and get it done. The main objective I think for me is for him to come in here and get a start, maybe two, so he has that experience to go into next season.” Yost followed with, “It is a big experience (getting starts under your belt), look what it did for Will Smith (tonight’s starting pitcher). He came up made three starts, went back down and came back up a little bit of a different pitcher. You have to experience and understand what it is like for a little bit and then you can start making progress. So I just want him (Odorizzi) to go out and make it through it.”

I tried to post a comment on a blog which calls itself the “Official MLBlog of the Kansas City Royals Front Office.” Here’s what I wrote:

You don’t expect anything from your starting pitcher? What a horrible. coddling thing to say. Here’s your trophy for just participating. Maybe this explains why Luke Hochevar is still pitching.”

I wasn’t surprised that after I hit the submit button, I was taken through a series of pages that ultimately resulting in a page about WordPress which didn’t recognize my password. Maybe I was at fault. Could happen.

But really, don’t you want want your team t0 demand excellence? To win ballgames? And why make such a statement to the press? That leads me to wonder about the backstory.



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